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When acting is your career choice, you are no longer just an actor…

You’re also an entrepreneur whose business savvy has to be as sharp as your acting skills in order to succeed.

I’m right there with you – and thanks to my 9 year CEO experience as a Talent Manager for Gold-Levin Talent, I know what it takes to develop a comprehensive package that will take you out of development and into the game. 

Are you an A+ Actor with a C- Acting Package?  Then, a career consultation is the way to go. Once I’m satisfied that your business assets are out of “development” and into competition, I will send you out to my 90+ Industry Representatives. Let’s find a rep worthy of your talent.

Here’s how it works:

I will pick your headshots, pump up your resume, rework your electronic online package, review your demo reel, give editing and photo session advice, help pick your clothes for your session and get all your career questions answered. Then I write your cover letter, send out your package and help you with your foolproof interview.

What is a comprehensive package?

When your Resume matches your Photos which matches your Demo Reel, which matches you.




Amy pumps up and reformats your resume to read as competition ready.






Amy helps you find out where you fit in the industry, picks your wardrobe and then picks the photos that pop.




Amy gives you the edits to your demo or helps you write the scenes to shoot for your demo.


Then when all is ready, Amy sends out your package to help you secure representation!

Cost: $150 per hour

For an appointment call 818.760.8501 or CONTACT US

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“Amy, thank you so much for all your help in making my C - package match my talent. You are so giving and generous and have an uncanny ability and insight into knowing how to remake mediocrity into extraordinary. Thank you!”

~ Peter

“I just signed with a HUGE theatrical agent and it's because I was prepared - thanks to Amy’s career consultation I was able to build a comprehensive package with a stand out resume, demo reel, and branding. She taught me the importance of "matching my package to my talent' and reminding me "I am enough exactly as I am!" I look forward to the journey ahead - it just keeps getting better beyond my wildest dreams.”

~ Andi

“Thank you so much for the career consults. Right after you sent out my materials to agents/managers, within minutes I immediately had 5 meetings requested, no lie!! With more to come! If not for your interview preparation, I would not have done so well in the meetings.”

~ Malcolm

“I wanted to take this time to thank you for all you helped me with in my career this year! I learned and achieved more from three meetings with you then I did in three years by myself. You have been truly, utterly and absolutely irreplaceable! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!”

~ Garrett

“I wanted to thank you for getting my butt in gear this year. Your consultations really helped me refocus and I'm so thrilled with my new managers that I met through you!”

~ Seri

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