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If you want to learn how to work as an actor, then this is the handbook for you!

This book is the heart and soul of the revolutionary Lyndon Technique. Revolutionary is a strong word to throw around, but we use it because the techniques used in these pages have literally helped thousands of actors realize their dream of working consistently. Each chapter provides detailed insight into each guideline of the 15 Guideline Map to Booking.

The Lyndon Technique provides a practical approach to auditioning and booking the job on the first take. You've got the talent, you've got the training, now get the book that will help you get PAID for it all!

There's Shakespeare, Scene Study, Cold Reading and then there is Amy Lyndon's Booking Technique - "the final frontier" in actually getting the job. After only four classes, I booked Grey's Anatomy. Two weeks later and two more classes, I booked a feature film directed and produced by Clint Eastwood opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. Change your booking ratio, change your life. I highly recommend Amy Lyndon's Booking Technique.
~ Roberta E. Bassin

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Pardon my language but holy sh*t your book is amazing!!! I already listened to all your audio stuff... I am in agreement with all! This is all a great combo of my previous training in NYC and in LA. My fav rules are #3, 10, and 12. I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon all this.
~ Anthony

Thank you for writing your book! I was reading the interview you did and saw your book and bought it right away. I literally just finished reading it. I couldn't put it down. I feel like this is like a secret weapon that I can't wait to use. I read sides everyday and now I have something to make my daily workout so much better. Thanks for this!
~ Wendy Lanuza

I just finished your book and applied the 15 guidelines for the first time in my last scene study class. I am in awe!!! My instructor’s feed back was "flawless" - she never says that!! For the first time I went through the entire scene feeling every moment. My scene partner was dropping lines, but it didn't throw me at all!! I am so excited to move forward with this technique!! I am so thankful I found you!!
~ Cherie Mendez

I love her ‘Straight to the point’ and ‘No messing around' teaching style. Her book is very informative and clever. She really brought out the talent inside everybody and the difference from Saturday to Sunday was extraordinary. I feel like a professional actor. :)
~ Brandon (Canada)

I wanted to let you know that since reading your book 2 weeks ago, I've landed a feature film role, a large commercial project (national), 2 print ads that entail live modeling and video promo within this week alone. Thanks again for your help!
~ Safia Jalila

Amy's technique is thorough. The 15 Guidelines is the best thing an actor can ever use to prepare for an audition. Through answering those questions the actor can really break apart thought patterns and emotional depth.
~ Tim Nhlazane

I got your book and I cannot tell you how MUCH IT HAS HELPED! My career has been taking off! Since May alone, I have booked 2 episodics, (Army Wives and Drop Dead Diva) as well as 2 SAG regional spots, and 3 nice non-union spots. My callbacks have tripled in one year!! I cannot say enough good things about how you helped me simplify things & get out of my head. Practice has become repetition and IT WORKS! Thank you so much."
~ Gregory Paul

I became aware of your book through Helen McCready's workshops in Orlando. I have been cast 3 out of my last 4 readings in soaps, and films being shot in Miami. Thank you for providing a detailed structure for the audition process in this business.
~ Tony Feijoo

I read your book and it really woke me up out of my bad habits. I just wasn't spending as much time with my copy. Reading your book gave me specific points to apply immediately. I have felt more confident since I applied your technique and have been booking steadily. But more importantly - it gave me confidence. PREPARATION PREPARATION PREPARATION PREPARATION.
~ Eric Satterberg

I'm officially a 15 Guidelines Groupie!!! Your book is a permanent fixture in my purse. You make acting so much fun for me. I am excited to get copy because I know what I'm doing.
~ China Brooks

Just wanted to tell you again how valuable I find your book. It has literally become my bible for auditions and has helped me immensely. Every audition that I get, I go through every step in the book; reviewing everything I've highlighted, to make sure that I haven't missed anything. Having your process to follow has definitely increased my confidence, which in turn has increased my bookings. It's the perfect complement to your class. Thanks Amy!!
~ Don R. Williams

Every time I print out sides, out comes your book and I go through all the steps. I've also listened to all of your lectures repeatedly over the years. It's pretty fair to say it's ingrained in me at this point and thank goodness.
~ Lynne-Marie Beard

After reading your book, I was called in to audition for Linda Lowy for a role on "Private Practice." So of course I used your technique to work the audition...and I'm happy to report that I booked the gig!! And even better, it's RECURRING!! Needless to say, I'm very excited. Thank you for putting your technique out in this handbook. It really helps in tackling auditions and booking the job! Continued blessings to you,
~ Rodney Hobbs

Thank you for the Lyndon Technique. I bought the book and now I'm hooked! On the Lyndon Technique. I joined and really put a spring in my step. Thank you for all you are doing for the acting and entertainment community around the world. I live in and work in Philadelphia and New York.
~ Freddie Ganno

A friend of mine tipped me off about you classes but unfortunately money has been a little tight so I decided in the mean time to get your book and start practicing at home. The first chance I got to use it in an actual audition setting I did, and I booked the job. I'm thrilled, it's my first co-starring role and it's on an amazing show "Parks and Recreation." Thank you for writing such a wonderful road map for other actors to utilize and I can't wait to take classes from you and hone your technique! Thank you.
~ Tara Jayn

Arriving from Tennessee for pilot season my 17 year old and I had ordered every acting book we could find. Among all the thick text like books was a thin small handbook called, "The Lyndon Technique". It was so thin we were sure we had been ripped off. After reading all the other books we proceeded onto your handbook and found a diamond in the rough. Of all the books yours is a gem with its down to earth step-by-step guide for booking the job. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in such a practical, understandable way. If only we had read this first!!
~ Shari Plattner – Lora Platter’s Mom (Recurring – The Neighbors)

So here's the thing. Before reading Amy Lyndon's 15 Guideline's my auditions were riddled with "choices" and ideas of how scenes should play. Sure I would book on occasion, but not nearly as frequently as I could have. Breaking down a script has never been easier and now if I have any questions I have my trusty sidekick to fall back on - especially on those nights before an audition where I used to just freak out and panic wondering what I was going to do. Because of this book I have all confidence that I will consistently be in that 1% that book. So, goodbye scene studies - hello booking.
~ Jacob Mireles

I wanted to let you know that I am so glad I stumbled upon your website and book. I don't quite recall how I got to it, but it has changed my life as an actor. Just in the little time I've had it, I've been able to blow away local casting director JoEdna Boldin at her casting workshop in New Mexico! Thank you for sharing your insight!
~ Roe Moore

Amy Lyndon's 15 Guideline technique book brings the same direct, no-nonsense, to the point coaching that I have grown to love in her class that has accelerated my acting career and growth. This book has been invaluable in that I can scrape the rust off at quantum speeds to be able to be at my best and continue to book. The writing and the technique itself is practical, logical, and by simply following her directions the character emerges organically. Quite honestly, this is the ONLY book you need to quickly FIND the character, BE the character, and GET the part.
~ Ralph Quovardis

Amy, you hit the nail right on the head! FINALLY a book to teach me the reality of acting. I feel more confident than ever after reading your technique! Who would have thought breaking down scenes could offer so much information! I no longer need to pretend or make up a backstory or worry about losing focus during an audition. Thanks for all the wonderful insight!
~ Stefani Gianni

So, I read the book last night and thought it was very concise and clear. The great thing about your technique is that it makes perfect sense therefore is easy to apply. I think back to all the many books I've read that are quadruple the length of yours and gullible was I? Like... go in the audition and make a bold may be wrong but they'll respect you and all that BS!! Anyway, Amy you know how I feel about you and I think your book is a brilliant translation of your technique.
~ Daisy Faith

Your book and technique have CHANGED MY AUDITIONS A MILLION FOLD. Prior to learning your 15 steps booking was like pushing a hotel up a hill!!! BUT THANKS TO YOU...MIRACLES are happening!!! Now I'm home freeeee!!!! So thank you thank you thank you!!! God Bless!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo
~ Kelley Whilden

Amy Lyndon’s 15 Guideline Map To Booking Handbook is a blessing to all actors out there. What Amy Lyndon’s technique has taught me is incomparable to any other. It is about booking the job, thing is if we have already moved to LA or anywhere for that matter to pursue our dream as an actor we already have the ability to act! This handbook gives you a step-by-step practical approach to breaking down sides for an audition - the rest is up to you. It gives you the confidence and knowledge to know what the writer and casting director is looking for. Without Amy in my life my focus as an actor would be totally blinkered, I carry this book with me everywhere, as you never know when you are going to need it. I recommend this handbook for all actors that wish to ‘book the job.’
~ Met Salih

I have had a chance to review your book The 15 Guideline Map To Booking Handbook and think it is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!! I got so much from reading it and think it is an awesome tool for all serious actors who are interested in mastering the audition so that they can move into the careers that they desire. I will be using this resource in my own auditions and plan to purchase a couple of copies for friends.
~ A'da Woolfolk

I really feel my acting changing right in front of my eyes! Your book has helped a great deal. What I love about your book and the results I’m getting are from Guidelines 3 & 4. Opening emotion at the top and mapping out my emotions in the scene has really taken my head out of the dialogue and put the real me into the scene. I feel more playful with whatever comes my way.
~ Michael Swiney

Read your book it was an eye opener. I see why I made mistakes at my auditions.
~ Michael Wilson

Amy, I have read your 15 Guidelines to Booking Handbook at least five times already!!! I love that it's succinct and to the point. (Not to mention verrrry logical!!!) There are so many acting books out there that are a boring, dry read. NOT YOURS!!! Your technique helped me literally start my Acting career. Reading your book just re-inspired and re-invigorated everything for me and was a breath of fresh air. I am so glad you finally wrote it! Even more so, thank God for the Lyndon Technique!! You rock, girlfriend!!!
~ Michelle Tomlinson

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ORDER NOW! 14.95 plus S&H
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