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If your package doesn't match your talent then you need to sign up for Amy Lyndon's Acting Business Seminar!!

Learn how to sell and transform yourself from development into an actor ready to go with a top-notch comprehensive package! Are you thinking like a Business Person? Every day that you do not work your business is a day that your "store" is closed. How much time are you putting into your acting career? A career is not a job. A career spans a lifetime. Your job is to work your career. Your goal is to have a comprehensive package that makes sense with what you are selling. You can remain unique within the confines of this business. Just understand where you fit.  Trust me, you will have an easier time finding a rep that matches your talent if you don't come across as development. Amy will cover:

Where Do You Fit In?

  • Demo Reels
  • Headshots
  • Cover Letters
  • Resume Formatting And Billing
  • Interview Techniques
  • How To Turn A “C-” Package Into An “A+” Package
  • Goal Setting
  • How To Get An Agent Or Manager And What Do They Do?
  • Inside Industry Information
  • Marketing 

Amy Lyndon owned and operated Gold-Levin Talent Management for 9 years and has been an International Actor Booking Coach for 20 – with 40 Network Series Regulars, an Emmy Winner an Imagen Award Winner and 1000’s of people working all over the world. 

If you have questions, please call 818.760.8501 or CONTACT US.

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“I just signed with a HUGE theatrical agent and it's because I was prepared - thanks to Amy’s career consultation I was able to build a comprehensive package with a stand out resume, demo reel, and branding. She taught me the importance of "matching my package to my talent' and reminding me "I am enough exactly as I am!" I look forward to the journey ahead - it just keeps getting better beyond my wildest dreams.”

~ Andi

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