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Amy Lyndon passionately delivers powerful business and booking lectures with no bias or hype and she cuts straight to the core of each issue. Download these audios NOW for instant access to Hollywood's TOP Booking Coach!

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"15 Guidelines To Booking"
September 2014 Vegas Seminar - 2:09:54  

Catch Amy Lyndon in action!! Learn "The 15 Guideline Map To Booking Technique" at home!

This Lecture recorded from her recent Hollywood Bound Acting Academy in Vegas is sure to get you to your next level - BOOKING. Become a working actor and join Amy's 19 Series Regulars and 1000's of her Actors working all over the world. Need some proof? Check out her Testimonials here:  The Lyndon Technique: The 15 Guidelines Map To Booking: Testimonials
"The Business & Marketing Lecture"
Calgary, Canada Intensive - 2:36:00  

In September of 2012, Amy was invited to two Canadian cities to teach her internationally renowned Booking and Business program, THE LYNDON TECHNIQUE. As a special part of the 3-Day Intensive, Amy spent nearly three hours teaching international actors the nuts and bolts of Business and Marketing.

This audio goes in-depth on EVERYTHING you need to know about putting your package together. It covers resumes, headshots, demo reels, audition etiquette, dealing with your reps, and finding out what marketing methods work for YOU!

If you feel like your business is going nowhere, itís probably not your talent Ė itís your package. You can fix that by downloading this audio.

***NOTE: You can download this audio for FREE as a member of!

You know how people say there's always that one teacher you'll never forget and will be your mentor, they will teach you things you never even thought possible? Thank you Amy Lyndon, you are the best teacher I've ever had!
Lindsey Warm

All Lectures are available for FREE as a Series Regular Member of!

"A Taste Of The Boot Camp!"
A 15 Guideline Intensive - 1:38:00

DESCRIPTION: Due to Amy's busy coaching schedule, she is rarely able to host an in-depth workshop. When she does, it's a HIT! We recently offered a 15 Guideline Booking Boot Camp for those actors wanting to jump right into The Lyndon Technique and it sold out immediately. Luckily, we recorded the lecture portion of the workshop and have decided to release this previously EXCLUSIVE audio. At nearly 2 hours, it's quite the review of the 15 Guideline Map To Booking. So, need a place to start getting to know The Lyndon Technique? Want a refresher straight from the horse's mouth? Then this is the audio for you!

"How To Put Together Your Acting Package!"
DESCRIPTION: With over 13 Points of reference covering everything from What Is My Type to Getting An Agent/Manager, this lecture stands at a whopping 1 HOUR 46 MINUTES in length! Full of important information, this is not an audio you want to miss.

"Be Realistic!"
DESCRIPTION: Are you realistic in your goals and expectations? If so, what are you doing about them? This audio tells you how to take responsibility for your representation, get real about your type and what steps to take to create the career of your dreams.

"Your Approach Is Everything!"
DESCRIPTION: You could be the greatest actor in the world, but if your approach is wrong, you will not get the job. They will never see your talent because you're off in your approach to the material.

"Where Do You Fit In?"
DESCRIPTION:Know what your type is. Understand that how you are ‘bought’ might not necessarily be what you play. Where would you put yourself? What type of show or film would you be cast in?

"Truths About The Business!"
DESCRIPTION: Dispelling myths and untruths about the business. There are no rules. The only rule is to be brilliant and to not take any prisoners!

"Breaking Down The Script"
DESCRIPTION: A 50-minute TASTE of “The 15 Guideline Map To Booking.” Learn why this technique has helped hundreds of actors realize their dream.

"The Philosophy of Booking"
DESCRIPTION: Do your homework. Work your business. Make everyone come to you. You are here to compete and work as an actor. You are enough exactly as you are. If you’re in on the audition, then you’re right for the job (according to your picture).

"What Is Standing In Your Way?"
DESCRIPTION: Do you cast your part in the waiting room? Are you easily distracted?

"Casting Pointers"
DESCRIPTION: Amy Lyndon’s crystal clear personal experience of the mistakes actors make when they audition from projects she cast.

"The Red Carpet Secret"
DESCRIPTION: The secret is… work begets work. Don’t negotiate the price of success. If you’re looking at the results and jumping over nickels to save pennies, then you’ll never walk the red carpet!

"Who Is Your Competition?"
DESCRIPTION: You're not competing with anyone else, but yourself. It's all going to come from you.

"Every Line Is A Separate Thought"
DESCRIPTION: This lecture is an in-depth clarification of the 7th guideline.

"Finding Character"
DESCRIPTION: Learn a great exercise to quickly find character.

All Compilations are available for FREE as a Series Regular Member of!

A. The Who What Where Lectures - 42:11
Who Is Your Competition?
What Is Standing In Your Way?
Where Do You Fit In?

B. Truths And Philosophy - 45:57
Truths About The Business
The Philosophy Of Booking

C. Breaking Through Big - 43:49
Red Carpet Secrets
Casting Pointers
Finding Character

D. Understanding The Script As Written - 65:10
Breaking Down The Script
#7 Every Line Is A Separate Thought

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I listened to all of the downloads I purchased last night... I loved it!! I definitely have detailed notes that will really help me improve with auditions and just the overall process of auditioning!! I think as actors we tend to go in with the idea to "prepare to hate this part" perspective. You really helped me to understand that if I approach it in a different way, I won't have that anxiety and I can really embrace AND actually like that part of the process! I especially like the part that focuses on when you get to the waiting room to audition -I laughed my butt off - cause I have definitely cast some people in that waiting room!!

I truly loved listening to the lectures! How amazing that a recording of a class can be so empowering, straight talking and inspirational! I just wish I could have listened to all of your lectures as soon as I left Drama School!
Daniel R.
Sioux Falls, SD

You have given me the tools to not only 'nail' the audition but also how to run myself as a business and get the auditions in the first place! I feel on top of my game and can't thank you enough. I now have a number of 'secret weapons' that will put me ahead of everyone else in the casting room! Please, Please, Please come over to the UK!
Jenna D.
United Kingdom

I enjoyed listening to the lecture "How To Put Together Your Acting Package" and hearing you break down each topic.  It gave me a lot of good ideas to think about, especially the Interview, Resume, and Negotiating topics.  I absolutely love your brutally honest approach. 
Robert Glen Decker
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