North Hollywood

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The Interesting History Of North Hollywood


A few of the Southern California "lost towns" never really vanished, but instead just assumed a new identity. This is what occurred with the history of North Hollywood which was once a small farming village in San Fernando Valley which sprang-up in the era of the late 1880's.


The name of this town started off unstable and the residents of this time feuded over what they would prefer to call this town. A few preferred Lankershim after James B.Lankershim and his dad Isaac. However, the majority of the people who settled in this town disregarded the suggestion of the name on the map and went onto call this town Toluca. The origin of this name is still unclear but is associated with the backing of a newcomer that was influential to the area.


In 1889, the county had created the Lankershim School District, along with the Southern Pacific also affixing the Lankershim name to their train station. However, this did not deter Forman or his Toluca partisans. They convinced the federal government to position a post-office across from the train station and proclaimed the area to be Toluca California.


Eventually the controversies died out, which resulted in the Toluca Post Office becoming the Lankershim Post Office in the year 1906 and the town went onto be known as Lankershim California. The area grew from a very small settlement in 1898 of about 250 people which was surrounded by apple, plum, apricot and peach orchards onto an ever growing suburban community by the 1920's.


The name would not last very long in assocation to the history of North Hollywood, and in 1927 the Lankershim business owners looked over to the Caheunga Pass about the great things happening in association to the Motion Picture town of Hollywood. To take from some of this glamour they made the decision to rename the town North Hollywood.

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