About The Lyndon Technique

If you’re like me, you love to act.

And if you’re also like me, you decided that acting isn’t just a hobby – it’s a career choice.

You can be the greatest actor in the world, but if you don’t know how to audition, well then, you won’t have the opportunity to act.

This is where my 15 Guideline Map to Booking Technique comes in.

Notice I say BOOKING, not ACTING?

I created this Technique because like you, I was having a difficult time booking the job.

Did you know that my Booking Technique has been developed and refined for over 20 years? In fact, I’ve poured in my firsthand experience into this Technique from every angle of the industry – as a working actress, a former personal manager, a producer, a director, a writer and as a business person.

When you follow these 15 crucial points, you will up your booking game exponentially.

The Lyndon Technique teaches you:

  • How to breakdown a scene like nobody’s business
  • How to always know what you are doing
  • How to avoid picking up the energy in the room
  • How to compete and beat your competition
  • How to take care of those pesky nerves
  • How to get into that 1% ratio of working actors
  • How to be in your heart and not in your head
  • And so much more!

I like to say that working actors work with me… but it doesn’t stop there.

Working actors work The Lyndon Technique.

Look, I know -- the proof is in the results. Currently The Lyndon Technique has proved to be the secret weapon for 50+ Network Series Regulars, an Emmy Award winner, an Imagen Award winner and 1,000s of working actors around the globe. Also, The Lyndon Technique is now being taught at The University Of Kansas for four years and counting.

Learn how to study smarter, feel empowered in your auditions and realize the career of your dreams.

Here’s to your success,

xo Amy


“Amy Lyndon is a beacon of light and good humor in a dark times and is so right on with her pearls of wisdom to her students. She is the kind of positive, supportive, business savvy teacher who inspires students, who have been fortunate enough to find her, to be their best.”

~ Pat Cutler (Personal Manager – Cutler Management)

“Seeing what you get out of your students in such a short time is amazing to watch. I am not just saying this, but your class and the environment you have created is the first I have found in LA to allow me to be free to just focus on the work and not feel nerves.”

~ Valmike Rampersad (Series Regular – Cloud Nine – London, England)

“Thank you for all your help. I couldn't be where I am right now if it wasn't for you. My mom & I are still in disbelief. Thank you so, so much!”

~ Paris Berelc (Series Regular – Mighty Med)

“I wanted to say thanks for such a great class. I'm learning so much! Yours is the first class where I can actually feel what it's like to do Sitcom the right way.”

~ Alyssa

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