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Take the Course and Learn HOW TO BOOK ACTING JOBS from Celebrity Booking Coach Amy Lyndon!

COURSE INCLUDES: Amy’s e-book “The Lyndon Technique: The 15 Guideline Map To Booking,” 3 Hours of On-Demand Videos, 8 Articles, 23 additional Downloadable Resources and a Quiz.  Broken down into 34 Lectures - take it online – anytime – anywhere around the world.

Watch and learn as Amy Lyndon dispels the myths of the audition process and provides you with an effective, straightforward, practical approach to nailing your auditions and BOOKING work as an actor. “The Lyndon Technique: The 15 Guideline Map to Booking” has been recognized as the secret weapon for 50+ Network Series Regulars, an Emmy Winner, an Imagen Award Winner and thousands of working actors around the globe for more than 20 years!

This technique will not only teach you how to BOOK THE JOB... it will also teach you the necessary skills to become a successful actor.  Did you know that 1/4 of Amy's Network Series Regulars have never studied with another teacher?  It's true.  

No matter where you live, YOU now have access to a PROVEN BOOKING TECHNIQUE to help you study smarter, feel empowered in your auditions and realize the career of your dreams.




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“I just signed with a HUGE theatrical agent and it's because I was prepared - thanks to Amy’s career consultation I was able to build a comprehensive package with a stand out resume, demo reel, and branding. She taught me the importance of "matching my package to my talent' and reminding me "I am enough exactly as I am!" I look forward to the journey ahead - it just keeps getting better beyond my wildest dreams.”

~ Andi

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