Los Angeles

The Lyndon Technique Acting Classes are proud to be able to serve the city of Los Angeles. Below are some interesting facts about our city.


Interesting Facts and History Of Los Angeles


If we take it way way back the interesting history of Los Angeles actually dates back to around 10 to 20 thousand years well before the Europeans first arrived in the area of Southern California. For thousands of these years, gatherers and hunters clustered on the banks and shores in villages along the rivers.  It was only on the 4 September 1781, that the first colonial and permanent settlement was first established in our city.


This settlement was named after the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of the Angels (El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles di Porciúncula). The construction of this town and Presido was a project undertaken by the Governor Felipe de Neve which was mandated by the King Carlos III of Spain. The city was first constructed inland on Río Porciúncula which was the broad river that ran through the valley. Today the oldest of these existing residences can be found in this city is Avila Adobe which was first constructed in 1818 by a rancher of the name of Don Francisco Avila.


The Rancherias


This Spanish period in association to the cultural history of Los Angeles was mainly dominated by the vast Ranchos, which resulted from the land grants. The Rancho San Pedro started from a gift involving 75,000 acres in land in the year 1784. Today this site is the Dominguez Rancho museum. In 1852 the historic Gilmore Adobe was first built, and today this site is the location of the Los Angeles Farmer's Market.


History Behind The Los Angeles Theatre


It is highly doubtful that the magnificent Los Angeles Theatre would be here today without the very strong personalities of H.L. Gumbiner, Charles Lee and William Fox. This fantastic theatre was constructed in under 6 months. In the month of August 1930, there was just an excavated hole inside the ground and by January of 1931, the theatre featured its first grand opening. From the theatre industry our amazing film industry was born and now actors from all around the world come to our city to make their dreams come true.

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