The Levity Ball Interview 

"Amy Lyndon is a triple-threat. But aside from being a filmmaker, director, and actress, she is building a team of equally effective triple-threats to tackle Hollywood and become a formidable presence in the entertainment industry." Ryan Merkel

Interview with The Melody Trice Show

In this Interview, Amy talks with Melody Trice about The 15 Guideline Map to Booking Technique and why it is important to be able to tell the best story. Amy also discusses the importance of auditioning, working on a web series, and how to be ready for those big opportunities.

Interview with Relentless Film Works

In this Interview, Amy chats with Steve Whelan and Tony Price from Relentless Film works about the importance of having a quality demo reel and comprehensive package.

Interview with Paula's Soapbox

In this Interview, Amy chats with Paula Tudor about why her technique works, her love for teaching students, why memorization doesn't work, and her life as a working actress over the past 20 years.

Interview with Bobby Reed

In this Interview, Amy chats with Bobby Reed about her career in the entertainment industry, what she has learned over her years of acting, what she sees for the future of the entertainment industry and her Vimeo Video Project. Listen and hear the great advice she has to offer.

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