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The Booking Coach That Successfully Helped Launch the Careers of 50+ Network Series Regulars, An Emmy Winner, An Imagen Winner and 1000’s Of Working Actors Across The Globe.

If you want to get dynamic and effective results, then you need to get PRIVATE COACHING with Amy Lyndon’s Revolutionary “15 Guideline Map To Booking Technique – The Lyndon Technique.”

Not only will your AUDITION be camera ready - you will feel strong, empowered and ready to beat your competition consistently!

Amy can also work with you ON CAMERA or with a script that you’ve already booked and want to make sure you give a stunning performance worthy of winning many awards. You can also bring in the jobs you didn’t book and find out why and what you need to do to improve your Technique. Have a Workshop or Showcase? Bring in that material and soar with incredible results.

With Amy Lyndon’s undivided attention your BOOKING RATIO will accelerate at top speed. You will nail your auditions and feel great in knowing that they would be making a mistake by not casting you.

(Zoom coaching is also available)

Cost: $155 per hour

Call 818.760.8501 or CONTACT US for more information

“I just wanted to thank you for today’s private session. My audition went so well and it’s all because of you. Casting actually chased me down the corridor once I left, to come back in. They said they loved my look and my delivery. Thank you so much!" Jemma

“God works it out for me to have a session with acting guru, Amy Lyndon! She's normally booked solid but there was ONE SLOT open! I was able to get help with my material for the callback! She was no joke and just what I needed!!!" Meka

“Amy Lyndon is a beacon of light and good humor in a dark times and is so right on with her pearls of wisdom to her students. Keeping a positive attitude, having a team of people who support and believe in you (even when you have stopped believing in yourself) and never giving up are the keys to making it in this business. If you have that and work on your craft several times a week so that you keep your edge and are always living up to your potential, you will eventually get where you need to go in the time you need to get there. Amy Lyndon is the kind of positive, supportive, business savvy teacher who inspires students, who have been fortunate enough to find her, to be their best." Pat Cutler - Cutler Management

“Hi Amy! I just want to let you know how much I love to get an audition now and to work the Lyndon Technique in preparing...I have an audition later this afternoon and I am looking forward to showing them how detailed my character is!" Marie

“Amy Lyndon is by far the BEST coach!! She is also a proactive working actor who goes out in the world and just doesn't teach. She is privy to every casting director, every show and does her homework and passes it on to her students. She is hard, yes.... but kind, warm, generous and so cute and funny. She NEVER makes an actor feel inadequate. She will work you till you are there at the callback. I could go on and on." Maray



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“I want to thank you so much for all your help with the Disney audition. I could not have gone in there without you. Your help was so valuable and I felt confident in my abilities going in even though I have never acted before. Thank You!”

~ Sonika Vaid (American Idol Top 5 - 2016)

“Thank you so much for your Skype Private Coaching. I went into the room, did the two scenes and got an applause:) Then I saw the promo for the film with my name scrolling across the screen. I really wanted this role. LOVE YOU!”

~ Vivienne

“Amy is a no BS type of coach. You can try and fake your way through a scene, but Amy’s expertise comes from getting to the truth and honoring the work as it’s written so you can book the job and become a working actor. I am finally on track auditioning with more confidence than ever before.”

~ Chris

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