Sherman Oaks

The Lyndon Technique is also proud to serve the city of Sherman Oaks.


The History Behind Sherman Oaks


Sherman Oaks today, happens to be one of the upscale neighborhoods that is located in Los Angeles, California. This area was first founded in the year 1927 and was fondly named after Moses Hazeltine Sherman, an entrepreneur and land owner.


Sherman Oaks happen to be the first of the neighborhoods in the San Fernando Valley that experienced real developments in the real estate markets. This area grew rapidly and was instantly populated and is recognized today as a top rated area to reside in LA.


Moses Hazeltine Sherman was born on the 3 December 1853 in Vermont. He started his career as a teacher in the area of Salem, New York and later on moved to Wisconsin and he was finally called to Prescott in Arizona. Sherman really loved Oak trees and this was the deciding factor on his selection of his 1,000 acre allotment which he chose in the Suburban Homes syndicate.


It was later in 1927, that Sherman went onto subdivide this property, selling this land for $780 an acre. This area slowly grew, but as soon as the movie industry started to proliferate, development flourished. The Glenaire Country Club and Golf Course which was created by Barney Oldfield for the movie folk went onto leave a legacy involving beautiful Jacaranda trees that are still present to this day along the Stansbury Avenue which is south of the Ventura Boulevard.


Sherman Oaks was also home to the LA Historic Cultural Monument which was named the La Reina Theatre which first opened in the year 1938. This theatre was designed by S. Charles Lee a prominent Los Angeles architect. This 875-seater single story Streamline Moderne building featured rear-wall plaster and acoustic panels which minimized sound distortion which made it at the time the most sophisticated and stylish theatre built in the area of the San Fernando Valley.

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