Video Testimonials 



“You are the Tony Robbins of the acting business…. And your available audio, video, and written advice is awesome… very motivating.”

~ Chris

“ I just booked my first SAG feature and they are Taft Hartly-ing me! Thank you for your great technique.”

~ Meli

“ Amy is inspirational. She cares so much about each student. She takes time to learn who they are, what they can bring to the table, and how they can improve. She creates a fear-free environment and helps people feel comfortable to grow. She has a wide breadth of knowledge about her industry, and she loves to share it and help people achieve their goals. Amy is hard working, and dedicated.”

~ Iselle

“You are by Far the most knowledgeable and inspirational acting coach I have ever had! Thank you for your words of wisdom and your belief in my talent. You have always been a positive light in this crazy but loveable business :)”

~ Irina

“You are a blessing to the acting Community. Congratulations for passing on your success to other people and exemplifying selflessness in a very selfish, egocentric industry. You're truly an encourager.”

~ Anna

“I was in LA last month and I took a few private lessons with Amy Lyndon. I have no prior training, and I've got to say that it was AMAZING. She taught me not only how to break down the sides and make it come alive, but also the posture to adopt when in the casting room. I'd definitely recommend her to all newbies who don’t know what to do and where to start. She was so patient with me! I'll definitely be crawling back to her doorstep!!!”

~ Evelyn

“While researching acting coaches I discovered one of L.A.'s greatest jewels: Amy Lyndon. She is truly a wellspring of knowledge and enthusiasm. I love her "customized" method. I could write a glowing novel on Amy Lyndon, but I will conclude by saying this: Amy Lyndon is the epitome of whole person teaching. Her clients' successes are the proof, but their love and respect for her while (and long after) working with her are the true testimony to her beautiful soul which shines brighter than any Hollywood lights!”

~ Tracy Wright Dunivan (Producer – ShoKidz Entertainment – Houston, Texas)

“I want to tell you what an exceptional coach you are. You've demonstrated the following for which I'm very grateful: professionalism, organization, and a remarkable ability to 'drop into focus', wholehearted commitment and respect.  Such commitment. A rare combination of honesty with humility; raw, frank, constructive instruction with compassion, YOURSELF, your story, your struggles and mistakes and therefore your wisdom and vulnerability and integrity, genuine curiosity into who I am as an artist, your awesome sense of humor and joy for what you do, stamina, leadership and generosity. Thank you for leading me back to my creativity and my unique voice.”

~ Your Student, Client, Fan - Caroline Cave (ACTRA & GEMINI Winner – Canada)

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