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Learn HOW TO BOOK ACTING JOBS from Hollywood's Premiere Celebrity Booking Coach Amy Lyndon!

Learn HOW TO BOOK ACTING JOBS from Hollywood's Premiere Celebrity Booking Coach Amy Lyndon! Amy provides you with a 100% effective, straightforward, practical approach to breaking down your scripts, nailing your auditions and BOOKING work as an actor. This “15 Guideline Map to Booking Technique” has been recognized as the secret weapon for 50+ Network Series Regulars, an Emmy Winner, an Imagen Award Winner and thousands of working actors around the globe for more than 25 years!

No matter where you live, YOU now have access to a PROVEN BOOKING TECHNIQUE to help you study smarter, know what you are doing, rid yourself of nerves, get off book faster, feel empowered in your auditions and realize the career of your dreams.

In fact, Amy Lyndon doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk with over 100 IMDB Acting and Directing credits, she negotiated 3 picture deals and put Adam Brody onto “The OC” when she was the CEO of Gold-Levin Talent for 9 years! Amy has been recognized and published all over the world and her Technique is a curriculum in Universities. This makes Amy Lyndon an expert in her field.

If there is a missing piece to your puzzle and you’re looking to turn your career around, feel powerful as an actor, then take advantage of all Amy Lyndon has to offer!



“Pardon my language but holy sh*t your book is amazing!!! I already listened to all your audio stuff... I am in agreement with all! This is all a great combo of my previous training in NYC and in LA. My fav rules are #3, 10, and 12. I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon all this.” Anthony

" Just came back from another audition and I am on fire. Amy, you are God sent. I carry your book with me everywhere I go and it’s the perfect How To Book to nail every audition. Now whether I get the job or not, I don't care because I know they'll remember me regardless. I have never felt so on top of my game and confident in my craft. Taking your classes and having your book have been the best things that have happened in my career. I leave no step uncovered, come in, do my job, and get the hell out. I love you Amy and am forever grateful." ~ Vanessa

"I read your book and it really woke me up out of my bad habits. I just wasn't spending as much time with my copy. Reading your book gave me specific points to apply immediately. I have felt more confident since I applied your technique and have been booking steadily. But more importantly - it gave me confidence. PREPARATION PREPARATION PREPARATION PREPARATION." ~ Eric

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“I just signed with a HUGE theatrical agent and it's because I was prepared - thanks to Amy’s career consultation I was able to build a comprehensive package with a stand out resume, demo reel, and branding. She taught me the importance of "matching my package to my talent' and reminding me "I am enough exactly as I am!" I look forward to the journey ahead - it just keeps getting better beyond my wildest dreams.”

~ Andi

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